Access your business with Accountpe Admin app

2020, when we say it, it sounds like a cricket match.
But somehow, we all can relate to 2020 as a test match (with our lives). Isn't it weird? No one knew that COVID-19 was going to happen. Nobody had the backup plan for this pandemic situation. This means that we should have a back-up plan or can say plan B. We have spent half of the year thinking about when coronavirus will end or when the vaccine will be shown up in the market.
But Innobins, here, was thinking about how to make your life easier so that you don’t lose your customers. Our marketing team had worked on analyzing the pandemic situation in the market and they came up with an idea and our developer team converted those thoughts into the software. We are representing AcccountPe Billing Software for the retailers and the business owners who are still just wondering when the corona will end so that things go back to the normal. This is a temporary new normal. AccountPe is a complete GST enabled billing software available in all geographical locations. AcccountPe Billing Software helps you access your business with Admin set-up.
AccountPe admin app, an innovative business app, which provides vital business information on your mobile & seamlessly monitors single to multi-store operations.
• Access Following Reports on the Go
• Manage Masters Data
• Manage Accounting Transactions
• Manage Inventory Transactions