User Application on ecommerce platform

2020 Current news! COVID-19
What did you learn in 2020? About enhancing your immunity system, wearing masks, using sanitizer, keeping a distance from people, etc etc. Apart from these, have you realized that our economy is on downflow? Numbers of things have happened. 30% of people have been unemployed. No one wants to go to the shop because they don’t want to come in contact with anything. For retailers, how to cover up the loss and the situation? How can a retailer give comfort to its users so that they can’t get in any face-to-face contact?
Innobins, here, is offering StorePe eCommerce Platform. StorePe would help you get your customer back by its advanced features. Not only we are talking about this pandemic situation, but also the eCommerce platform is trending. People are adapting to the environment.
StorePe is built on the AccountPe application which is a GST enabled end to end solution for billing, invoicing, accounting, and inventory management and is flexible and is available in Android Solution.
StorePe is a complete User Application. The Android app is designed in a very user-friendly manner. It is very slick and robust in design.
StorePe provides;
Product Catalogue
Order Placement
Order Tracking
Payment Update
Billing History
Profile modules have been designed to make the user experience very satisfying.
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