Order Management Application

2020 has made life so easier! Now you must be thinking about what? Have we lost our sane?
The answer is No. Because these days, no one has to do anything else than being at home safely. Those who are retailers are just changing channels on TV and wondering when they would get the chance to re-open their shops like they used to open it. We understand what losses you are bearing. This is the right time to “HIT THE SPOT” with StorePe eCommerce application. Grab the advantage of the opportunity from those people who are at home now. The foremost thing we all are using these days is our Mobile. Give your users an android-based platform where they can order directly from your shop with StorePe medium.
As providing them a Store platform, they can order online or offline from a single device. Retailers can reach a number of customers who were no ready to go directly to the shop. This not only would help you till Covid-19 but also will grow your business lifetime. Order Management StorePe platform has been designed in tandem with AccountPe to manage all the orders online or offline. It consists of an order management module to keep track of all:
New Orders
Accepted Orders
Delivered orders
Cancelled Orders
StorePe auto-updates inventory on delivery of every order and works syncs with offline orders.